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Externsion terms & conditions

Extension Terms & Conditions

1.0. Affinityy Browser Extension: Affinityy may make available a browser extension to enhance your shopping experience (“Affinityy Browser Extension”).

1.0.1. When visiting a retailer’s website, the Affinityy Browser Extension will either create a tracking ticket and start a Cash Back rewards shopping session or visually prompt you to press a button to start your Affinityy Cash Back rewards shopping session. The Affinityy Browser Extension may also alert you of a deal or offer with respect to a product or brand appearing on your search results or other pages you visit across the web, and prompt you to start a shopping session on an Affiliate Store’s site. If you start a shopping session using the Affinityy Browser Extension, it will set a cookie on your computer through an affiliate network for the purpose of tracking your shopping session and crediting your Cash Back reward — just as if you had begun your shopping experience via any other Affinityy link. Please note, however, that if cookies or other similar tracking devices from other affiliate marketing companies are already present on your computer, the Affinityy Browser Extension will not automatically overwrite those cookies, but may still offer you the ability to start an Affinityy Cash Back rewards shopping session when you arrive at an Affiliate Store’s website.

1.0.2. By installing the Affinityy Browser Extension, we will collect and store information obtained from your use of the Affinityy Browser Extension. This information includes, but is not limited to, information about the coupons, deals, merchants, and offers you click on through the Affinityy Browser Extension. The Affinityy Browser Extension may also collect and store information about the websites you view even when you are not interacting with the Affinityy Browser Extension (“Passive Data”). Passive Data includes, but is not limited, to URLs of web pages visited, general information about the visited web page, product searches, product search results, information about products added to cart, confirmation page details, and other product information. We may share or sell Passive Data on an aggregated and anonymized basis with our business partners and affiliates. You may turn off data collection by the Affinityy Browser Extension by uninstalling the Affinityy Browser Extension. Use of the information collected by the Affinityy Browser Extension is subject to this Agreement and the Affinityy Privacy Policy.

1.1. When installed, the Affinityy Browser Extension periodically communicates with our servers. We may update the Affinityy Browser Extension when a new version is released or when new features are added. These updates occur automatically. We reserve the right to add features or functions to the Affinityy Browser Extension, but have no obligation to make available to you any subsequent versions or new features of the Affinityy Browser Extension.