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How It Works
Step 1

Select the type of loan from our list and check you rate

Step 2

Apply and get approved for a personal loan

Step 3

Earn $100 cash back from Affinityy

Benefits of an Upstart personal loan
Lower fixed rates:
Upstart offers loan rates as low as 7.98%, meaning borrowers who qualify for low rates could save money when consolidating credit card debt with a personal loan
Quick access to funds
Borrowers can receive funds in as little as one business day after loan approval
Unique selection process:
Upstart considers applicants on a variety of factors including credit score, credit history, employment status, academic history and area of study
Get your rate in just 2 minutes
It won't affect your credit score!
Rates from 7. 98%-35. 99% APR
3 & 5 Year Terms